What is a routine exam?

A routine eye exam is a standard exam that covers an eye health screening and a check of your prescription, including how well your eyes work together. A routine exam may be covered under a vision plan. Any medical conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure and/or eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, or eye infections require we bill your medical insurance and perform a medical eye exam.

What is a medical exam and why do you need my medical insurance?

A medical eye exam is a more in-depth exam to ensure any of your medical conditions aren’t having any effects on your eyes or your vision. Your medical insurance is the primary insurance used in a medical exam. Often, a medical exam will include a report back to your other doctors to ensure they are aware of the results of your medical eye exam.

What can I expect at my exam?

Most people don’t love going to the doctor’s office, but we hope you’ll love coming to see us for your eye exams! We strive to offer an educational yet relaxed experience. You’ll be greeted and helped by welcoming team members upon your arrival. You’ll next do a few preliminary tests before moving to an exam room and reviewing your medical and eye history with a technician. Preliminary testing includes eye pressure (but not that eye puff machine!), blood pressure, and a few photos. Dr. McWilliams or Dr. Cottingham will then perform your exam. During your exam, we’ll look at lights, letters, review the photos taken during preliminary testing and address your eye health and vision concerns.

What makes your office different?

Imagine enjoying your visit to the eye doctor. You are taught about your eye health and how to make sure your eyes stay healthy. You learn about your vision and how we can correct it to see your best. You experience your own personalized frame viewing where we help you select the perfect pair of glasses to complement your vision and style.
That's the type of visit we offer and service we'll help you receive when you come to McWilliams Vision Care.

Why do you recommend appointments for all services?

We strive to offer quick and comprehensive service in everything we do. We hate waiting and we bet you do too! By making an appointment to not only have your exam but to pick up your glasses or even get glasses adjusted, we can make sure someone is free to help you when you arrive. You’ll have less waiting and better care! You can text us at (812)363-1308 for the easiest way to schedule!

Can you see kids at any age? How?

We can see kids at any age and with any special needs. All portions of an exam can be done objectively and without any input from the child needed. We make sure the child’s eyes are cooperating well together, are healthy, and we can even check the prescription just by using lights.

What is Vision "Insurance"?

We often refer to vision plans as insurance, but they are effectively just discount plans that you pay in advance. They’re basically a coupon that you and your employer have paid for and then get to use when you come in for your exam. They only cover a routine visit and glasses or contact lenses. Any visit that includes a medical complaint, like diabetes, allergies, loss of vision, cataracts, etc. is not covered by your vision plan and is instead covered under your medical insurance.

Why isn’t McWilliams Vision Care in network with my vision discount plan?

All our current patients know that we strive to provide a great experience in our office. This includes offering thorough eye exams that allow you time to have all your eye questions answered. We also offer independent frame lines and glasses lenses from a local, family-owned lab.
Joining a vision plan network requires that we purchase frames and lenses directly from that vision plan rather than using what we know are better quality frames and lenses. We also are required to use their lab to have your glasses made. Most of these labs suffer from long wait times and poor-quality work. This leads to longer wait times for your glasses and an inability for us to ensure good, quality glasses. Both requirements also cause your costs to be higher than glasses or lenses that we source on our own. The good news is that because we are out of network with these plans, you get lower prices and shorter wait times for your glasses!

What happens when I come to McWilliams Vision Care and want to use my vision plan?

Most vision plans have out of network benefits that you can use in our office.
Some vision plans allow us to bill them directly even when we’re out of network. We take your out of network allowance right off your bill and you pay less! Some vision plans don’t allow us to do this, so you’ll pay up front and get reimbursed by check directly from your vision plan. Don’t worry, we submit all the paperwork for you. All you have to do is wait for the check in the mail!
By staying out of network, we can also keep our prices lower. Using your out of network benefits, you’ll find your cost is often less than going in network in the end.

What is the cost if we come to McWilliams Vision Care and want to use our vision plan?

Our routine exam, including retinal imaging, is $99 A routine contact lens exam is $164. Any medical complaints will be filed to the medical plan first so those copays and deductibles will apply. Most vision plans reimburse anywhere from $20-$60 for a routine exam, some may include up to an additional $40 for a contact lens exam.
We have frames starting at $35 and clear, single vision lenses starting at $70. Most vision plans will reimburse $45-$150 for frames and $30-$120 for lenses. Each plan is different and we’re happy to pull your exact benefits ahead of time so you know what you can expect to pay.
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